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frequently asked questions (for artists)

1.  What are the incentives for Paper House Press artists?

-All of the artwork will be for sale on the site, as well as pictured in the artist profiles in the Paper House Press Annual Issue.  Paper House Press is all about promoting the talented artists represented, and will link to the artist’s website, blog, etc.


2.  What is the artist’s commission from sales of the work?

-Like most galleries, sales will be split equally between Paper House Press and the artists.  50% going to the artist, and 50% going to Paper House Press.


3.  Does my work need to be sold exclusively through Paper House Press?

-Only the special pieces that you create for Paper House Press.  The mission of Paper House Press is to feature a few special and exclusive pieces by all of its talented artists.  These pieces should be “exclusive” to Paper House Press, meaning they aren’t available anywhere else during the time they are for sale on the site. 


4.  How long do my pieces need to be exclusive to Paper House Press?

At least six months.  Typically, we would love for the pieces to be available on Paper House Press for one year, since all of the exclusive pieces will be profiled in the Paper House Press Annual Issue.  However, some artists may wish to have their works back after six months if the piece has not sold (hopefully the pieces will sell long before that) 🙂


5.  How many pieces do I need to create? 

-As many or as few as you like; however, artists need to create at least three pieces (throughout the year) to be included in the Paper House Press Annual Issue.


6.  Who pays for shipping the work?

-Artists are responsible for the costs of shipping the work to Paper House Press.  Local artists can make arrangements to drop off the work in person if they wish.  Paper House Press is responsible for the costs of returning the artwork to the artist (the only exception is if the artist requests a piece back before the initial six months). 


If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can email inquiries to

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