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julianna swaney


Julianna Swaney grew up in Michigan.  The child of “bird-watcher” parents, she would play in the woods behind her home on a daily basis, cultivating a love of nature and animals.  The family would often take vacations to distant areas to study birds with exotic names.  Swaney’s upbringing, surrounded by nature and animals, had a very obvious influence on her art.    Even in adulthood, Julianna Swaney is influenced by nature, children’s stories, fairytales, and history.  Looking at the world portrayed in her drawings is like looking into an illustrated story of contemporary folklore.  Swaney now lives and works in Portland, Oregon, where her work is in constant demand.  Her drawings have been featured in magazines, books, and album covers as well as being exhibited in several gallery shows all over the Unites States.


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