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david linneweh

Artist Statement

“The architecture within our culture can tell a great deal about who we are and who we were, it varies through each setting incorporating elements from both the past and present, through their decayed and shiny surfaces we consider their projected significance. The variation and arrangements of buildings are ultimately complex in terms of their physicality but also their function within a community; the way they are maintained or altered reflects our cultural values. Architecture can have a transitory nature, which may include buildings that have been impeccably maintained, abandoned, or re-configured creating a type of architectural hybrid.

The ways in which architecture varies has ultimately found a place of direct influence within my work, their alterations spawning my own re-configurations. In my most recent work I play with the idea of how I can re-assemble the architecture I experience by creating my own configurations, my own architectural hybrids. These new configurations transcribe representational elements of actual space while also incorporating abstraction of the formal elements of flat paint and drawing over a wood veneer surface.

It is through my painted assemblages that I wish to contribute and share in a dialogue with the viewer about our experience within contemporary landscape. This dialogue is ongoing and ever evolving as these works can simply act as reflections of a storefront but also reflect the consumer based society, which created them through the materials I use to re-present them. By slowing down to examine these paintings we might consider our own environs and determine just as in my constructions what they say about our culture and how we might imagine a new, ideal configuration.”


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