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new artist: ananda balingit-lefils

August 16, 2011

Ananda Balingit-LeFils creates beautifully nostalgic paintings combining figurative work with detailed, ornate patterns.  The subjects of her pieces are typically close family or friends.  Each detail in her work (the pattern, the pose, and the props) are chosen specifically, and relate to, the subject she is capturing.  How it all relates is a mystery, and something truly personal to Ananda.  This is what makes her work so engaging.

I was first introduced to Ananda’s work by fellow Paper House Press artist, Robin Venable.  I was instantly drawn to it.  Ananda references early American folk paintings in a style that is all her own.  She was recently featured in Issue No. 94 of New American Paintings, which has introduced her work to a much larger audience.  I expect big things to happen in her career, so I feel honored to feature her work on Paper House Press.

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